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Cool Dogs, Cool Homes: Living in Style with Your Pet Pooch

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You may have the coolest home on the street, but a house is not a home without a dog. So how do you keep your interiors Instagrammable when you have a canine companion, with all the associated paraphernalia of feeding bowls, leads, beds, and toys? A dog-owner for over 20 years, and a former home buying manager at London's Selfridges department store, Geraldine James is the perfect person to show you how to incorporate dogs into your life without sacrificing your style or their freedom to roam. Whether you live in the city, in the countryside, or on the coast, your home can still look good with a few compromises. She also visits “design” dogs—dogs belonging to designers whose beautifully curated homes still managed to be canine-friendly. Finally there's a special section telling the stories of the rescue dogs featured in the book, and highlighting the joy a rescue dog can bring to your life and your home.

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