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Apolis Teas

  • Mellow Yellow: Warm, mellow chamomile with juicy orange and a flowery finish.  Just as good before bed as it is on a lazy summer day.  Excellent over ice or with a touch of honey.
  • Durban Chai: This caffeine-free blend of South African rooibos & traditional chai spices is named after the city of Durban. It brews a smooth cup with just a touch of vanilla. Excellent black but strong enough for milk & sugar too.
  • Raspberry Rose: This delicate Chinese green tea is scented with rose petals & has just a touch of juicy raspberry. It brews a light, smooth cup with a gentle, tart aftertaste.  Drink it hot or chilled.
  • Genmai Chai: A blend of organic Japanese green tea & toasted rice that was popularized in Japan during World War II when civilians added rice to their tea to stretch the supply. This fragrant blend has a fresh green flavor that contrasts nicely with savory toasted rice. Low in caffeine.
  • Chamomile: This staple of every tea lineup has a lot of variation in appearance and cup. Our chamomile blossoms brews mellow and flowery, pleasantly bright with notes of pineapple. The aftertaste sticks with you and has a honeylike sweetness.
  • Morning Glory: A juicy blend of oolong tea, cantaloupe & grapefruit.  Slightly floral from a touch of orange blossom &  delicious hot or iced. This is a forgiving tea to brew; it is almost impossible to make bitter.
  • Ginger Lemon: A classic flavor combination of earthy, spicy ginger balanced by bright, juicy lemon.  This blend has a seriously gingery flavor but the tiny osmanthus blossoms and lemongrass give it a nice sweet finish.  Excellent with honey.