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Milk Tasting Flight - 3 oz

Experience three unique flavors in this high percentage cacao milk chocolate tasting flight from Peru. 3 oz Envelope includes 3 one-ounce bars. Flavors include: Award-winning Mango Plantain – Diced mango and plantain chips are clarified with a pinch of sea salt, and a dash of habanero delivers a piquant finish that lingers at the back of the tongue. Edamame Sea Salt - Inspired by Asian Fusion cuisine, we add crunchy, toasted edamame to a creamy dark milk chocolate. Flavor is burnt caramel, salt and savory nut notes with a sour cream underpinning. Well balanced with sweet and umami flavor notes. Crisp Quinoa Sesame - An unexpected combination of quinoa and toasted sesame will transform perceptions of the classic chocolate crisp. We use quinoa puffed under low heat, glaze it in blue agave to seal the texture, and add in toasted sesame seeds. Burnt caramel, sweetness with a hint of salt.