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Peanut Brittle Pouch

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Nut your average brittle! Our light, crispy, butterscotch-y peanut brittle in a single serve bag. Only share if you really want to. We use cane sugar like everyone else, but we cook to shades of deep gold to bring out all the flavor, and the peanuts are in there long enough to roast perfectly. Once the brittle is cooked, we lay it out on a sheet and wait until it hits exactly the right temperature before pulling it apart. You want to see bubbles in the mix and when they get to just the right size, you start pulling. Pull too soon and you just get a gooey mess and tiny pieces. Pull too late and you don’t get it to the right thickness. When you pull at just the right time you get the sugar to be that silky, shiny consistency and pieces that shatter when you crunch them. Handmade in small batches with genuine Jumbo Runner peanuts 2oz Pouch