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Anillo de gran formato con diseño de inspiración étnica con cabujón de Cuarzo rutilado Our jewelry is handcrafted, one by one, in bronze, and then they are gold plated with the thickness of 2 microns and receive the treatment of E-coting technology that seals and preserves the coating work for longer periods of time. We use only high quality stones cut exclusively for our pieces, We do not work with dyed stones or resin. All our pieces are completely NIKEL FREE. Futhermore, they do not contain any alloy that might cause alergies. CUIDADOS / CARE Para que nuestros joyas tengan una larga duración exige algunos pequeños cuidados : No usar perfume, alcohol, laca u otros abrasivos sobre ellas, tampoco es recomendable ducharse o ir a la playa con ellas. No deben ¨LIMPIARSE¨ porque no es necesario y, en su mayoría los limpiadores de metales son abrasivos. In order to make our pieces live longer you have to follow a few rules : Do not spray perfume, alcohol, hairspray or oth