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San Miguel Retablo

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San Miguel Retablo Patron Saint of Soldiers, Policemen, Children, Bankers, the Dying, Grocers and Radiologists; Invoked against Perils at Sea.

"He who is like God" San Miquel defeated Lucifer and hurled the fallen angel into Hell. He appeared to Moses in the burning bush, talked with Abraham and inspired Joan of Arc. In modern times he has appeared on the battlefields in both World Wars. Miguel is depicted with a scale because he weighs our soul's nature to determine where we will go when we die. At the world's end it is believed that he will do the final battle with the anti-christ.

"Glorious Archangel San Miguel, great protector, in the midst of great danger grant me the strength of mind, body and spirit that I may overcome the perils I face."

Handpainted with a prayer and/or information about the saint on the back.

Retablos are devotional images of Christian saints painted by santeros, or "saint makers." Retablos in New Mexico were created and popularized in the 1800s, and traditional practices are still used by artisans there today. The artist of this retablo, Lynn Garlick, has been creating retablos in New Mexico since 1993.

Pocket - 1 1/2" x 3"// Small - 3 1/2" x 7"