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Scented Tokens

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Handsome little love token with machine embroidered face on beautiful metallic pink/opal linen. Hand stuffed with organic cotton and scented French lavender. Metallic pink trim for hanging. 

These little evil eyes are machine embroidered on 10 oz duck canvas in a variety of colors and metallic gold embroidery thread. Each one measures approximately 4” long by 2” high and is lightly stuffed with scented lavender and organic cotton stuffing. Metallic twill tape on top for hanging, gold sequin trim embellishes top eye lid.

This handmade, lavender scented love token is machine embroidered in crimson red, metallic gold, blue and black embroidery threads on Opal colored Mineral Linen. Hand cut, turned and stuffed with a handful of lavender and organic cotton stuffing. Metallic pink twill tape for hanging. Comes in Light blue eye or dark blue eye.

Choose from two styles of a heart in hand ornament. This original illustration of a little hand holding a red heart is machine embroidered in cocoa brown with either a crimson red or turquoise blue heart on a metallic silver mineral linen. Hand turned and stuffed with natural cotton stuffing mixed with lavender for a subtle sent. Metallic twill tape sewn in the top for hanging.