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The Artemis Moon Necklace with Crossed Arrows

Artemis, huntsman to the gods and lover of nature and all wild things, was also a protector of the youth. Sister and counterpart to Apollo, Artemis is the moon goddess, and is represented by the moon and a pair of crossed arrows in the Artemis Necklace. This handmade bronze pendant of the full moon was hand-cast using a vintage stamp and is accented with a smaller bronze charm featuring two crossed arrows, as Artemis was known for her silver arrows. The bronze moon pendant measures a little less than one inch across and hangs from an 18-inch, 14K gold-filled chain that ends in a spring clasp. Because of the unique nature of handmade jewelry, each piece of bronze or silver jewelry may be have very slight variations. This jewelry is handmade in my North Little Rock, Arkansas, studio.