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What Would Dolly do Hand-Stamped Heart Necklace

What would Dolly do? Probably play the autoharp while belting out soul-crushingly beautiful lyrics, crack a few hilarious jokes about herself, be the most dazzling angel on earth, teach kids to read and donate $1 million to fund a coronavirus vaccine. Wear this hand-stamped heart necklace that reads WHAT WOULD DOLLY DO? as a reminder to be more like the gracious, generous, hard-working, hilarious, big-hearted Dolly Parton. The heart shape is solid brass and measures about 1 inch across. It’s stamped letter by letter by hand in my North Little Rock, Arkansas studio, where the music of Dolly Parton can often be heard while I’m making jewelry. The chain is 18 inches long, 14K gold-filled and ends in a spring clasp.