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Wooden Puzzle: Pet Show in Pouch

These puzzles are self gift-wrapped and gift-tagged, allowing you to easily share with friends or family members after you complete them. We call the deluxe satin-lined canvas carrying pouch the Pass-It-on Pouch™. It not only serves as a gorgeous puzzle container, (A puzzle in a cardboard box? Never!) it also invites you to tag your gift in a unique way: Literally write your name and your puzzle completion date on the pouch itself, then finish with the recipient's name. Lots o' doggos, a coupla cats, & two surprise littles. This fun collection of pets is perfect for the lovers of all the furry (and not so furry— we're lookin' at you, hedgehog) friends. Contains 250 total pieces, including 6 custom-designed Treasure Pieces™. Be on the lookout for the blue ribbon & two-part dog house shapes, available only in this puzzle. 11.5" x 11.5" completed puzzle size. An exclusive Crowning Achievement™ Puzzle Completion Pin is included in this puzzle.