Zents Lotion

Each rich ZENTS lotion is highly fragrant with aroma therapeutic floral extracts and essential oils. ZENTS lotions are handmade with the finest ingredients. Use ZENTS lotions in combination with other ZENTS products. contains shea butter, green tea, chamomile & elder flower.

Available Scents:


Blend: Clean and classic
Notes: Sandalwood, frankincense, siberian fir and forest mist accord
Style: Stimulating


Blend: Simple and delicate
Notes: Heliotrope, linden blossom, cucumber and green apple
Style: Pure, feminine and innocent


Blend: Deep, spicy and alluring
Notes: Iris, bay laurel, coriander, jasmine, patchouli
Style: Sexy, fiery and euphoric


Blend: Light floral
Notes: Lily of the valley, freesia, lemon, fresh rain accord
Style: Uplifting and innocent


Blend: Contemporary aquatic
Notes: Linden blossom, coriander, lemon, mint
Style: Clean, refreshing, unisex

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