Zents Body Spray

Zents Body Sprays are versatile, aroma therapeutic and made to work together. As a fragrance, they are unisex, complex and classically designed. Zents Body Sprays are great as environmental sprays – ideal for home, office or vehicle. Use as perfume, after shower spray, layer with lotion, aroma therapeutic spray, room spray or car spray.

Available Scents:


Blend: Clean and classic
Notes: Sandalwood, frankincense, siberian fir and forest mist accord
Style: Stimulating


Blend: Simple and delicate
Notes: Heliotrope, linden blossom, cucumber and green apple
Style: Pure, feminine and innocent


Blend: Deep, spicy and alluring
Notes: Iris, bay laurel, coriander, jasmine, patchouli
Style: Sexy, fiery and euphoric


Blend: Light floral
Notes: Lily of the valley, freesia, lemon, fresh rain accord
Style: Uplifting and innocent


Blend: Contemporary aquatic
Notes: Linden blossom, coriander, lemon, mint
Style: Clean, refreshing, unisex

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