Marlin Palm Frame Large


Immerse your cherished snapshots in the spirit of wanderlust with the Marlin Palm Picture Frame, a standout piece from the Sunray Souvenirs Collection. Ethically handcrafted in our Indian workshop, this picture frame (15,5 x 11 x 1,8 cm) is a testament to conscientious artisanship. Fashioned from recycled brass and glass, it echoes the commitment to sustainability and the artisanal ethos of Doing Goods. The frame’s palm design, a gentle nod to tropical escapades, infuses each glance with the essence of road-trip adventures along sun-drenched coasts.

Lovingly created with a focus on ethical practices, the Marlin Palm Picture Frame invites the free-spirited, road-trip vibe into your space, framing your memories with a touch of the exotic.

$ 33.00

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