Basil Blue Sage Fabric Softener

Caldrea Liquid Fabric Softener softens garments, helps eliminate static and wrinkles, and makes ironing easier. Made with plant-derived fabric softening agents, and an essential oil blend featuring Lemon and Jasmine, to leave your laundry with a fresh, clean scent. Basil Blue Sage - It’s the reminder of home. The feeling of sitting around a worn-in table with loved ones for hours. The laughter and the smells. These moments are timeless and rich, just like Basil Blue Sage.

Use: Add ½ capful to the rinse cycle of your laundry load for softening and static removal. Safe for all washable fabrics and HE machine-compatible. Not for use on children's sleepwear or items labeled flame retardant.

Size: 32 fl oz

Packaging: 25% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle

$ 22.50

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