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Australian Birds Pillowcase Set

This reversible, fair-trade organic cotton pillowcase set is a celebration of the unique birds of Australia. The front features detailed avian illustrations, and the back has an antique French inspired print in pinks and earthy tones. 


48cm x 72cm (19" x 28.5") SET OF 2

  • Top row from left to right: Black Breasted Boatbill, Crimson Rosella, Papuan Dwarf Kingfisher, and Budgerigar 
  • Middle row from left to right: Pied butcherbird, Major Mitchells cockatoo, Princess Parrot, and Kookaburra
  • Bottom row from left to right: Wallace’s Fairy Wren, Red Rumped Parrot, Scarlet Chested Parrot, and White Winged Fairy Wren

All illustrations by John Gould