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Organic Cotton Sachets with Vintage Prints


Scented drawer sachets from Lazybones. Unique vintage art digitally printed on organic cotton. The back is unbleached calico. Keep your wardrobe smelling delightful.

Print on sachet/Scent:

  • Vintage Begonia seed packet/Lavender Scented
  • Cockatoo/Orange & Clove Scented
  • Vintage Cyanus seed packet/Lavender Scented
  • Koalas from "The Mammals of Australia" by Taylor & Francis, 1863/Lavender Scented
  • Vintage Nasturtium seed packet/Orange & Clove Scented
  • Pet Shop seed packet/Orange & Clove

Handmade in the Lazybones studio, Northern NSW, Australia.

15cm x 10cm x 2cm