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It's Just a Blip Block of Love


The story behind this artwork, as told by the artist: 

"Sharing this moment with all of you. My Ali has been going through the toughest time in her life. She was diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer in early fall- She came home from Cali for a photoshoot and ended up staying for 4 months for treatment  Her incredible doctors and friends kept saying to us that in a year from now, she will look back and say, This was just a blip. I painted this as a reminder for us, the day she got diagnosed and for anyone else going through a rough patch.  A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this artwork will be donated to PinkAid."

Blocks of Love are signed, mini editions of Kerri Rosenthal's artwork mounted on 3/4" plexiglass. Kerri uses them to style a coffee table, night stand or book shelf. She gives them as gifts to friends and sets one on each plate at her dinner parties.