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Lilly Leopard Gift Hanger

Get ready to meet the adorable Lilly Leopard Gift Hanger – a charming addition to our collection of playful hanging hand-tufted ornaments!

Dressed in a chic lilac hue, our Lilly Leopard Gift Hanger is not just an ornament, it’s a unique and delightful gift waiting to brighten someone’s day. Crafted with care and creativity, it brings some fun to any setting.

This delightful hanger is here to jazz up your decor, adding a hint of mischief and personality wherever it hangs. Whether gracing your walls or dangling from a hook, it’s sure to be a conversation starter, bound to capture hearts and evoke smiles.

Yay, the hand-tufted rugs of our signature Tapis Amis collection are now proudly GoodWeave certified. This provides assurance of ethical sourcing with no child, forced, or bonded labor used in the production process. With your purchase of a GoodWeave certified product, you’re supporting the uplifting of lives and contributing to ethical sourcing practices.

Much like its larger rug counterparts, this hanger boasts individuality, making each piece a unique addition to your space.

Explore the joy of decorating with our Lilly Leopard Gift Hanger, a delightful ornament that brings a pop of lilac and a whole lot of charm to your home!