Sea Salt Neroli Hand Soap

Caldrea Hand Soap is designed with your skin in mind. Plant-based cleansers work beautifully every time you lather, wrapped in a delightful fragrance. Gentle but hard-working, with aloe vera, olive oil, essential oils, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients, this moisturizing soap cleanses and conditions your hands, leaving them soft and fragrant. Also suitable for hand washing delicate clothing items! Sea Salt Neroli - Spend long summer days sipping on lemonade while cruising on a yellow scooter. You pause to feel the pure, raw mist of the ocean. This refreshing simplicity is Sea Salt Neroli.

Use and care: Wet hands with water and use a small amount for a rich lather and fragrance.

Size: 10.8 fl oz

Packaging: 25% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle (less pump).

$ 16.50

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