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Snake Rope Cuff


Imagine you are walking along a shady path when suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see something on the ground. It's a snake! Your heart starts racing and you freeze in panic. 

Then you look closer. Upon further inspection, the snake is really just an old piece of rope. 

Between the stories we tell ourselves and the negativity bias that helped our ancestors survive millions of years, our brains always look for danger. That inclination can keep us frozen and frazzled in fear of even a near-non-existent threat.

The snake can be a tough conversation, an intimidating project, or a scary trip, to name a few. Almost always, by the light of day, it's just a rope. The tough conversation wasn't so bad, the project was fun, and the trip was exciting.

Whatever fear you might be focused on, this analogy has a way of helping you zoom out just long enough to get a glimpse of reality instead of just seeing the monsters in your head. 

This piece is a wearable reminder to ask myself, is it a snake? Or is it just an old rope? 

The SMALL cuff fits up to a 6.75" wrist, while the MEDIUM cuff fits up to a 7.5" wrist.