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Rogue Paq Gold-Tone Crane Bud Trimming Scissors

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Rogue Paq Stainless Steel Bud Trimming Scissors  Look chic while you trim your bud with our crane scissors which fit snugly in the elastics of your Rogue Paq Ritual Cannabis Case. They are also a good stand-in for quick snips to your flower when you prefer not to carry a weed grinder. Also, you can use them to cauterize a joint you'd like to save for later. Simply cut the ash then rub the metal against the end of the joint back and forth to stop the burn and seal the end. This preserves the taste for when you light it again later. * Stainless steel * Gold-tone finish to correspond with your Rogue Paq Ritual Case and Cannabis Accessories * Size: 3.5"L X 1.5"W (at handles) * Snip your bud * Cauterize your joint and save for later * Multi-use